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Don't Shop! Adopt!

Did you know that you can find any breed of dog in a rescue or in a shelter? So why spend thousands, when you could be saving a life?
Plus, shelters and rescues spend money on their pets to make sure they are healthy, vaccinated, and spayed/neutered! 

—  Adopting from MOAS—

All adopted animals are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, de-wormed and microchipped prior to going to their new homes. Vaccinations appropriate to the age of the animal are provided.  
The adoption fee of $85 for dogs over 6 months, $110 under 6 months and $75 for cats covers these services.
If you are interested in completing an adoption application, click the link titled Adoption App at the top right hand corner of this page.
*****Completing an adoption application on an animal does not guarantee an adoption.*****

Please note that pets featured may no longer be available, or there may be new animals not yet pictured. Please stop in and visit us to meet all of our pets currently available for adoption.
Be sure to keep an ear open for any specials we may be having on adoptions. Some of our pets will have reduced adoption fees to help get them to their new homes faster! 

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                                                                                               STAR PET::: BOBO

                                                                                            STAR PET::: BOBO

At the animal shelter, our vow to all the animals is that we will do all we can to get them adopted. With that comes hardwork, dedication, and persistence.
Bobo is no exception this rule. He needs our help, and your help, to get him adopted.
When visiting the shelter, Bobo will stand out to you, but not for being an outgoing fella, but for being shut down and terrified.
Bobo almost automatically goes to the opposite side of the kennel from where ever someone is. Because of this, he has yet to be adopted, and he has been at the shelter for 13 weeks with ZERO interest.
What people do not understand, is that this personality flaw does not make him a bad dog, it just means he needs more love than the average dog. He wants to he petted and loved on so bad, but he is just too scared to trust anyone. (I actually was able to pet him for the first time this past weekend on his terms.)
So if you are looking for a really good dog that just needs some help to exit his shell, please think about adopting Bobo. He needs you, and you never know, you might need him!