Help us Save Canelo's Leg for Christmas!

This year all Canelo wants for Christmas is his two front paws. This adorable 8-month-old shepherd mix puppy was surrendered to Madison-Oglethorpe Animal Shelter when his owner was unable to care for his injury and was also moving away and couldn't take him. He has been in pain for a long time, and we need your help! He is an incredibly sweet boy who loves to snuggle, play with toys, and chew on bones. 

We took him over to our friends at Maggie's Menagerie Veterinary Services to have X-Rays done to determine how bad the injury was to his left front leg. It turns out Canelo has a subluxation in his elbow joint that can only be fixed with surgery. Canelo will have to see a veterinarian who specializes in orthopedics to have surgery, and the estimated cost is $2,500- $3,500. 

Please help us save Canelo's leg so such a young puppy doesn't have to get an amputation. If there are funds raised over the actual total they will go into our Guardian Angel Fund for a future animal like Canelo who needs emergency surgery.

You can donate on our website here (please include Canelo’s name in the comments) or on our Facebook fundraiser here.