MoAS Offers...
Clinic and SPAY/NEUTER SerVices

The Spay and Neuter clinic is open to anyone. You do not have to be a Madison or Oglethorpe County resident to have your pet Spayed or Neutered at our facility. 
Appointments are Necessary. Surgeries are done Wednesdays and Fridays. Drop Off Time is always 8:30am to 9:00am, and pick up is the same day, though we do offer boarding for $10.00 a night if you need this service. 


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3rd Sunday of every month
11am to 3pm

An appointment is not necessary!
Clinic Hours are 11am to 3pm on the 3rd Sunday of every month!
1-Year Rabies Vaccine $10 / 3-Year Rabies Vaccine $15 (must have proof of current 1-year in order to be eligible for a 3-year)
Microchips $25

This clinic is open to everyone. You DO NOT have to be a Madison or Oglethorpe County resident to take advantage of these prices. All proceeds benefit the many homeless animals we are caring for. 

Dog Neuter > 25lbs - $50.00
Dog Neuter < 25lbs - $60.00
Dog Spay > 25lbs - $70.00
Dog Spay < 25lbs - $80.00
Cat Neuter - 35.00
Cat Spay - $55.00
Feral Cat Spay - $45.00
Feral Cat Neuter - $30.00
(All Feral cat surgeries are required to have
their ear clipped to show proof of spay/neuter)
Bunny Neuters - $50.00
Rabies 1 Year - $10.00
Rabies 3 Year - $15.00
FVRCP - $10.00
DAPP - $10.00
Bordetella - $10.00
FIV/L Vaccine - $15.00
Microchip - $25.00
Heartworm Test - $10.00
Feline Leukemia Combo Test - $20.00