MOAS Leadership

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Shelter Management

Shaina Knight
Director - Email

Volunteer and Foster Coordinator - Email

Lorah Patman
Manager - Email

Lynne Parker
Receptionist - Email


Board of Directors

The MOAS Board of Directors is an all volunteer board who meet at least monthly to manage shelter affairs. 


Board Meetings

Meetings of the MOAS Board of Directors are currently held on the 2nd Thursday of every month starting at 6:30pm. Any interested members of the public are invited to attend but may be asked to step out towards the end of the meeting if there are any board-only topics that need to be discussed.

Citizens are eligible to join the Board of Directors after they have attended at least three consecutive meetings. Note that eligibility does not in and of itself guarantee an invitation to join the Board.

Interesting in joining the Board? We encourage you to get started by volunteering! Not only will it help you familiarize yourself with MOAS and the work that we do, but demonstrated commitment to our mission is an important element of Board membership. 

Sherrie Hines
Director - Email

Christy Champagne
Vice President - Email

Glenda Faulkner
Treasurer - Email

Deb Rolfe
Secretary - Email

Lorraine Hines

Samantha Willard

Don Seerley

Pam Fox