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Help us Earn Our $1,000 Matching Funds!

Thanks to Diane, one of our generous sponsors, we have a $1,000 match challenge from now until July 20th. Every donation to our Fencing Campaign between now and July 20th will get us that much closer to securing the full match. Every dollar counts, so please donate as much as you can through PayPal below or in person at the shelter so that we can get much-needed, new, commercial grade fencing for our pups!


Donate to our Fencing Fundraiser through PayPal here!

(Please put "Fencing Fundraiser" in the comments section so that we can properly log your donation.)

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Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun! A MOAS Fencing Fundraiser

Help us Reach our $10,000 goal by August 31, 2019 by donating today!

MOAS is thankful to have some great play yards for our pups to enjoy. This not only gives them a break from their kennels, but it's also a great place for them to meet adopters, work on their training, and get some much-needed exercise. But unfortunately, some of our fencing is only four feet high, which is easy for some of our more athletic pups to jump over, and due to some erosion over the years, some of our previously taller fencing isn't as high as it once was. Compounding the problem, many our play area gates are small, single-door gates that aren't large enough to allow us to bring in equipment to remove built up sediment. And if that wasn't enough, some of our fencing is only residential grade and hasn't stood up to the beating that our dogs can dish out over time. 

So we're working to raise at least $10,000 by August 31st so that we can replace all of the four foot fence with 6 foot, 9 gauge, commercial chain link fencing and also add in large gates that will allow us to bring in any equipment we might need in the future to maintain the enclosures. And if we're able to raise enough money, we are also hoping to finally fence in the entire back of the property (it's already partially fenced) so that we can more safely walk our shelter dogs in paths carved out of the woods. Even with experienced volunteers, sometimes things happen and an animal can get away from their handler, so having that perimeter fence will help us make sure that everyone stays safe. 

Want to help us out? Every single dollar makes a difference, but here are a list of various materials that you can help us with:

  • $25 = Fence Posts

  • $50 = Fence Rails

  • $125 = 1/2 Fence Roll

  • $250 = 1 Full Fence Roll

  • $500 = Fence Gate

  • $1,000 = Donor Plaque

You can donate anonymously, but we'd also love to recognize you publicly on our Facebook page for your donation as we can't thank you enjoy for your support!

If you have any questions or ideas on how you would like to get involved, please email our Board President Sherrie Hines at boardpresident@moaspets.com.