Madison Journal Today: Shelter showcases some of the best of human care and concern

Check out another great article about our shelter in the Madison Journal Today written by Margie Richards. Margie writes about what it’s like to help an animal in need, whether that’s by fostering at the shelter or picking a lone, frightened animal up off the side of the road to bring him to the only safe place available - MOAS. We know you’ll enjoy her heart-warming description, and we think we like this statement the best: “If only we could all remember (and some of us learn for the first time) that we are at our very best when we do something kind for others, particularly for those who can never repay us. It’d sure make the world a much better place for all of us, human and animal alike.” We absolutely agree, Margie, and we hope that all of you do too.

Read the full article here.