Meet Buster, Our Latest Guardian Angel Pup!


Meet Buster! This pup has had a really hard life so far. We don't know much about what it was like before he came to the shelter as a stray, but it definitely wasn't good. Buster is extremely emaciated (you can see every rib and notch in his spine), he has no body fat to help keep him warm in this colder weather, and he's heartworm positive on top of it all. :(

On the plus side, he's a happy, wiggly pup who loves nothing more than being with people. He's so excited when anyone comes up to his kennel, and he makes a high-pitched barking cry whenever you leave his side. The condition that he's in and the fact that he still loves people so much will just about break your heart.


BUT in even better news, he's now in one of our most awesome foster homes where he's getting all of the care that he needs. The road ahead for Buster is long. He's got to put on enough weight so that he will be physically strong and healthy enough to be treated for heartworms, which is no fun. And once he can be treated it will take a few months of crate rest before he can be adopted into a permanent home. He's not even healthy enough to be neutered yet, but with some good care and attention, we hope it won't be long before he will be.

The kind of care that dogs like Buster need requires a long-term commitment and is *not* cheap. But we're able to do it because of our generous supporters. When you donate to our Guardian Angel Fund, you make it possible for us to commit to animals like Buster. Please donate to help us keep our Guardian Angel Fund going so that the next time a pet in need comes through our doors, we can commit to them too. You can donate Facebook or here on our website.

You can also follow Buster's Journey on his very own Facebook page here managed by his awesome new foster parents! Check it out here.