Transport Success in Connecticut!

Our team had an amazing experience at the Dog Days Adoption Event this past weekend. We took 40 dogs up, and 39 of them found homes before the event was over with the 40th having a pending adoption. Thanks to our partners in Connecticut, we didn't have to bring any dogs back, which is excellent because more pups keep coming in every day. We want to say a big thank you to the wonderful folks with Dog Days who organized this event and all of their amazing volunteers. They go beyond the call of duty to make sure that our animals are safe, and well-taken care of throughout the event and find the best home possible.

Also, many thanks to our amazing shelter staff and board members (Shaina, April, TC, Pete) who gave up their weekend to drive our RV all the way up to Connecticut and back so that our pups could each find a home of their own. We have an amazing team here at MOAS, and we are thankful for everyone who helped make this possible, including those who stepped up to provide temporary foster homes while our shelter was under three weeks of quarantine to get our transport dogs ready.

Want to help us send animals on more transports like this? Donate online here ( to help us cover our transport expenses, which includes gas, hotel rooms, medical care and veterinary certificates for the transport dogs, and big expenses like the new roof that our RV desperately needs.